A Memoir | Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015


Prior To Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015

I first came to know about the existence of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival during my visit to the FanExo Canada back in early September where they had a booth. With so much to see there, I may not ... READ MORE

The Final Girls: A fitting tribute to the camp slasher

Movie Review - The Final Girls

The Final Girls Isn't it nice —and very rare— when things turn out the way you want them to? I dearly remember the many Friday nights spent with my friends watching one slasher after another when we were around 15, we mostly watched the big franchises back then, Friday the 13th or READ MORE

Scream Queens: The obliteration of the sorority house subgenre

TV Review - Scream Queens Series Premiere

Scream Queens TV Show Of all the new series starting this season, Scream Queens is among the ones I’ve been looking forward to the most for some time now. Especially after hearing about Jamie Lee Curtis’ involvement and how she was recreating Psycho’s shower scene for the show. In addition, Ryan Murphy has done some ... READ MORE