Top 5 Films | Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2016


This post is a throwback and a departure from my recent ones. In appearance not as personal, but after all, I am who I am, and this is what I like. Among the things that make me glad I'm alive, and that bring happiness to my soul.

I had a lot of fun writing this ... READ MORE

House of Flying Daggers: A beautiful love poem

Movie Review - House of Flying Daggers

house-of-flying-daggers_movie-poster Thanks to TIFF's great programming, I was able to watch House of Flying Daggers in 35mm this month. I hadn't seen the film in ten years since its release on DVD, but have always remembered how deeply moved I was by its beauty and especially, by the story. I came out of the theater wanting to read ... READ MORE

The Psychology of Horror | Dissecting Fear


“Human beings have been telling scary stories to each other since primitive man drew pictographs on cave walls. I think they help us confront our fears and uncertainties in a safe way.” ― Brian Keene


We’re back with more of the Dissecting Fear series, a series of articles where I’m attempting to shed some ... READ MORE

Spectre: One step forward, two steps back

Movie Review - Spectre

james-bond-spectre-poster The 24th entry in the much-loved 007 franchise sees James Bond (Daniel Craig) receive a message from the late M (Judi Dench). This message makes Bond go rogue and travel to Mexico City and then Rome, where he meets the widow (Monica Bellucci) of a criminal. With the information he gets from the widow, Bond is able to track down a ... READ MORE

Friday the 13th: Rekindling my love for the series

Friday-the-13th-Film-Series-Logo Ever since I watched The Final Girls last month, it has rekindled my love for camp slashers. The guys and I who used to spend entire Fridays afternoons watching these films (yes, we're still friends to this day!), have been recalling those times, and especially —like every fan of this franchise out there— how we used to love and cheer ... READ MORE

A Memoir | Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015


Prior To Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015

I first came to know about the existence of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival during my visit to the FanExo Canada back in early September where they had a booth. With so much to see there, I may not ... READ MORE

Top 5 Films | Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015

top-5-films-toronto-after-dark-film-festival-2015 This year’s edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival was full of horror and genre screenings. After nine days of eating too much popcorn and having a great time, these are my personal top five films shown during the festival. If you were there or have seen any of them let me know what you think in the comments ... READ MORE

Berkshire County: By the numbers home invasion

Movie Review - Berkshire County

Berkshire County A few days ago while browsing movies on iTunes I found myself craving a horror fix, which often happens. During that time I stumbled upon Berkshire County, and the poster and description caught my attention, so I thought I’d give it a go. Kylie Winters is a teenage girl ... READ MORE

The Final Girls: A fitting tribute to the camp slasher

Movie Review - The Final Girls

The Final Girls Isn't it nice —and very rare— when things turn out the way you want them to? I dearly remember the many Friday nights spent with my friends watching one slasher after another when we were around 15, we mostly watched the big franchises back then, Friday the 13th or READ MORE

Why We Enjoy Horror | Dissecting Fear

“Where there is no imagination – there is no horror.” ― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet

why-we-enjoy-horror-blog-article As I mentioned in the first article of the Dissecting Fear series, I’m attempting to shed some light on the nature of horror fans and fear itself by researching the science and studies that have been done about the subjects. READ MORE