The Martian: An ode to positive thinking

Movie Review - The Martian

The Martian This week I was finally able to take a few hours off and catch The Martian while it's still in theaters. I wasn't too familiar with the story beforehand, I was mostly aware of it through the huge hype and rave reviews that the book has had since its re-release in 2014. My sole knowledge was that the plot ... READ MORE

Horror Icons on Tinder

horror-icons-on-tinder A perfect example of the greatness that only happens around Halloween. I want to personally thank Rob Fee over at Mandatory for taking the time to write one of the funniest posts I've ever read. This is how profiles would look like if Horror icons were on Tinder. If you've ever been on the platform you'll recognize some of the one-liners that ... READ MORE

Why Horror Terrifies Us | Dissecting Fear

The nature of horror fans is a mystery to most people who are not into the genre. Why do we enjoy it? Why do we cheer for the killer? Why do we crave more? Charmful Dead Things - Dissecting Fear - Horror Movie Posters In a series of articles called Dissecting Fear, I’ll shed some light on these questions using the science ... READ MORE