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Eduardo de Fuentes Ceballos -My Blog. Iteration 2.0, Unfiltered

Blogging. I’ll have another go at it. My last Blog which was awesomely called Charmful Dead Things (if I must say so myself), was mostly a lot of fun to write, design and setup. It lead me to read a lot and learn most of what I know about the infinite labyrinth called WordPress.

But, in the end, it was partly class project and when I decided to focus it solely on Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy (movies, books, comics, etc.) I didn’t realize that as much as I love all that writing about it all the time would become tiresome. Because I’m so much more than that. So, here we go again. Blog version 2.0.

This time around everything’s fair game, some days I will write about those movies and books that I love, but others I won’t and my posts will be of random thoughts and feelings, experiences I have, or simply weird shit that happens to me on my TTC commutes. Anything, really.

I hope there’s something useful for others to glean from my random thought processes. I’ll try to make this a bit more significant, and definitely more human than my old blog posts tended to be. Some days I’ll be happy, other mad, sad or whatever. Sometimes I’ll swear, and yes sometimes in Spanish, too. And on other occasions, it’ll all be wine and roses. Basically just like life.

Nonetheless, my previous post will be porting over to this Blog and I still plan to finish a few projects I had for that. It’ll be a process, importing on WordPress is not as seamless as one would want (si anything?) so it’ll take some time but you can find them by clicking on Charmful Dead Things in the Categories section of the Blog.

It’s been a crazy two years here in Toronto. It certainly feels like I’ve been here for a long time. I haven’t made as many friends as I expected — in fact, absolutely nothing here has been as I expected — but the ones I do have are wonderful. I’ve talked to a ton of amazing and interesting people. I’ve learned a lot about myself and most importantly, I have learned a great deal about what it is that is truly important to me in life.

I’ll probably reminisce and reflect about some of it in forthcoming posts.

In the meantime, I’ll leave with this nice snapshot I got the other day here in Toronto and posted on Instagram. Just so there’s something pretty to look at in this post.

Cloudy #toronto #the6ix #picoftheday

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  1. Gaby says:

    Loving this new blog Lalon! Looking forward to reading about your Laloventures in the #6ix or life in general! As always great vibes dude!

  2. Sarah says:

    Gotta say – it’s been an absolutely pleasure having you here–I only wish it could be for much, much longer. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures (and maybe partaking in a few as well)!